Saturday, July 4, 2020


The recent killings that have taken place in South Africa in the past weeks call for a thorough examination of the problem from a security point of

view. There is more than one reason why this violence is happening and there is likely a group behind the scenes that has given fuel to it.

It started on one street in Hillbrow, Johannesburg and it has now spread to some parts of the country particularly Kwa Zulu Natal Province which is the

home of the Zulu nation. It started with foreigners pelting police vehicles with stone and all sorts of projectiles available on the street and the

South African Police Service (SAPS) had to make a humiliating tactical withdrawal.

At this scene it was foreigners who attacked the police in their line of duty as they had intended to make some arrests but they left empty handed.

This was broadcast on South African Broadcasting Corporation and the citizens of South Africa could not believe their eyes as they watched that

horror on their screens.

The communities got agitated and they organised to fill in where the police had failed. By the way, the police did that humiliating tactical withdrawal

because if they had stood their ground with the use of force, there would have been bloodshed. This was unbelievable. And where else in the world

would you have a foreign public displacing the police which are an arm of state law enforcement? It is only in the modern South Africa where we

witness such scenes.

 So communities that were full of anger pulled together and attacked the foreign nationals. Their gripe with these foreigners is that they are

bringing in drugs, prostitution, human trafficking  as well as taking over businesses reserved for locals. Such businesses include among many others like tuck shops, hair salons and street vending.

Because most of these foreign nationals are male persons, they are also competing for space in the love industry with the local men even though that

is never mentioned in the litany of complaints. The foreign nationals operate with their own rules in South Africa.

So the violence ignited and in the process, innocent and legitimate refuges were caught in the crossfire. Their shops as well as other properties were

burnt and looted and themselves killed in a gruesome manner. When this happened the police tried to bring law and order but this time around they

were attacked by the locals who were spewing fire and smoke in their mouth and nostrils.

One gets to reminisce on the old South African Police (SAP) which the blacks of that country called it Satan After People. That has been one of the

reasons why they had to change to SAPS in the current democratic dispensation. However, a lot of questions are raised about the operations of

the police in the new South Africa.

Communities complain that the police are so corrupt that they let the Nigerian gangs run the streets unrestrained. One must admit that the

problems of South Africa with foreign nationals revolve around Nigerians.

They are literally running a parallel government in South Africa and a visitor comes and leaves confused by the way things happen in that country.

Nigerians are a threat to the peace and tranquility of any nation on earth including China where the laws are strict to the letter. These people have

even infiltrated the strictest nation of Japan. Because they cannot roam freely there, they have come into the country through marriages of the young

unsuspecting maidens of Japan.

The City of Guangzhou in China has the largest population of Africans at 360 000 and according to the Chinese government officials, 76% of that

population is Nigerian. They have equally married young Chinese girls and by that sanitizing their stay in the country through that legal route.

Guangzhou has now become the only part of China that has public notices warning young people about the use of drugs and this is as a result of the

Nigerian invasion of this particular population.

Apparently there are no drug problems in Nigeria as they only peddle drugs to addict the rest of the world and not themselves and their young people.

But what is the solution to the infestation of Nigerians to any country around the world? The answers are found in what Botswana and China are

doing. The two countries cannot claim that they do not have a drug problem but they have certainly put the Nigerians under control.

Most people refer to the violence in South Africa as far from xenophobia.

This is a Greek word which is basically formed out of two words of xeno and phobia. Xeno which is a prefix, basically a word that comes ahead of another

and the meaning of which refers to something foreign. And phobia is a feeling of intense fear in the human mind.

If the violence in South Africa was anything like that it would include everyone else of foreign extraction including Asians and Europeans alike.

But someone has come up with some sort of hypothetical theory to this black on black crime. They say some Pakistani nationals who are competing for the same space with refugees from Ethiopia, Somalia and DRC have sponsored this violence and this is why they are not in any way affected.

It is the Zulus who are in the lead in this sort of “cleansing” that is going on. It is them who were used by the old apartheid regime to spark black on black violence in the run up to the first elections of that country in 1994. This was revealed at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission led by Bishop Desmond Tutu of the Anglican Church.

This may sound incendiary to say but the Zulus remain to be the ideal ethnic group that would easily buy into a story that a medical doctor from Cameroon has come to take their job in South Africa. If they have been used before, a third force would identify them as low hanging fruit for this mercenary job.


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