Thursday, May 30, 2024

This year’s Coca Cola Cup might face troubles like last year

Memories of the 2006 Coca Cola tournament that was marred by controversy look to revisit this year again.

Three years ago, the clashes were between Township Rollers, BDF XI and event’s Coca Cola organizing committee.
The bone of contention was Bernard Simakwenzi, who has since decamped from BDF XI to Rollers.

Rollers succeeded in lodging a protest for him to be barred from participating in the semi-finals on allegations of being a defaulter. They went on to win 3-0.

BDF protested and a replay was ordered but Rollers failed to honour the encounter resulting in BDF being given passage to the finals, at which they lost 2-1 to Notwane.

This time around BDF XI are still the central figure and the game in question is one against Gaborone United which BDF XI won 1-0 to book themselves a ticket to the quarter finals.

The main issue is the clash of kits that occurred during the encounter of the two teams.
The bone of contention is also what sort of action should be taken against the perpetrators.

There has been an exchange of letters behind closed doors, reportedly among GU, Coca Cola organizing committee and BDF XI.

At first, GU were said to be the ones to have caused the clash of colours and thus contravening rules and regulations of the tournament.
They were subsequently fined P2 000. GU appealed and the tide has since turned.
BDF XI is now the ones found guilty by the Coca-Cola Cup Committee.

Things are a bit messy because BDF XI have since played their quarter finals game and GU say that should not have happened since an appeal was pending. GU says the game should have been re-played or BDF XI should have been expelled and thus giving GU a free passage to the quarter finals as rules stipulate.

GU is now spitting fire saying the organising committee should not have let the game go ahead. Sunday Standard is in possession of some of the letters from BDF, Coca Cola organizing committee and GU.

In some of the letters, the Coca Cola organizing committee wrote to GU saying they could not address the GU issue because the BFA top brass were out of the country.

This angered GU who says it was one element some people were using to buy time. Some of the contents of the letter addressed to BDF XI and dated May 26 and signed by the chairperson of the Coca Cola Cup organising committee, T. Tumagole, read as follows:

“This letter serves to inform your office that following the event, that occurred at a Coca Cola Cup game between your team, BDF XI, and Gaborone United on 20th May, the Coca Cola Cup Organising Committee (CCCOC)’s understanding that your team BDF XI acted in breach of the Botswana Football Association’s play rules and regulations. The CCOC has studied the match report for the said fixture and found out that you breached article 19.1 of the BFA play rules and regulations. It has come to the CCOC’s understanding that your team BDF XI used an outfit of a colour that is not registered with any structure of the BFA and as such causing the delay at the afore mentioned game.”


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