Thursday, July 7, 2022

Time for Gunners to win the league championship?

The past few years saw several so-called big teams in the country resurrecting from their own ashes to win big and important tournaments.

A point in case is Township Rollers and Gaborone United (GU).
Township Rollers just won the League Championships and the Coca-Cola tournament, while GU won the league championship last season.

This shows the two teams, which went to the extent of campaigning in the First Division, are taking things seriously and they seem to mean business. On the other hand, there is a sleeping giant that is yet to make their supporters smile.

Extension Gunners last won the league championship 16 years ago and, since then, they have been relegation material.

However, for the past three seasons, they have finished in reputable top eight positions, the better part being this season when they finished in fourth spot.

The question is: since fellow bigger community teams have gone back to their old way of success, when will Gunners do the same, or is it only a matter of time before the people of Lobatse start making huge celebratory motorcades as was the case in yester years?

Gunners have, for the past few years, been under serious transformation under the tutelage of coach, Daniel, ‘Chicco’ Nare. He took charge of the team that was on the brink of relegation three season ago and, this season, managed to finish in the top four bracket.

Nare, whose contract expires next month, believes Gunners can go all the way to win the league championship this coming season. He said if he can sign four good players without losing any, Gunners would be untouchable this coming season.

“You can see how Gunners has transformed over the past few years and if I can have two centre backs, a left back and a goalkeeper the team will be fine. If you look at the players that played in some of those positions they do not naturally belong there. For instance, Emmanuel Nlu is a midfielder but I used him at the back most of the time. Even Kenny Ramodisa is not a left back person but I had no choice,” he said.

Regarding his goalkeeping department, Nare said it is not like the available ones are not good, but stressed that they need someone to put them under pressure. He said once there is competition in the goalkeeping department there can be positive outcomes for the team. Nare said he needs height in his defence and someone of Rollers’ Itayu Gwandu caliber would do for him. He also added that his striking force is a main concern because they are not consistent.

Nare said if his Burundian strikers were to score regularly he would not have a problem, adding that for a team to win the league at least one striker should score regularly.

“Rollers won the league because their top man Terrence Mandaza was always scoring and it is even the case in other leagues around the world. If that could be the case at my team I would not have any problem,” he said.


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