Monday, August 15, 2022

Troopers, Spartans through to the championship finals

Troopers and Spartans have made it to the finals of the basketball championship that will be held on the 4th and 5th of December.

Troopers gave BDF a run for their money when they beat them in both the two games they played together.

During the first game, Troopers started off on a high note, winning the game with 80 points to 71 of BDF.

In the second round, Troopers continued to triumph over BDF by winning with 77 points to 55 points of BDF and this saw Troopers qualify for the finals that will be held this weekend.

In the second game of the day between Police and Spartans, the two teams gave each other a tough time winning the rounds interchangeably, which led them to playing three games. Spartans won the first game with 73 points to 52 of Police. The second game between the two heated up as the teams fought hard to win the round.

Police won the round after a long struggle, winning the game with only 1 margin. They accumulated 77 points to 76 of Spartans. This led to the third game between the teams and Spartans came around to win the game with 67 points to 50 points of Police.
Spartans, therefore, qualified for the final where they will slug it out with Troopers.

The two teams, Troopers and Spartans, got positions one and two, respectively in the recently ended basketball league.

The female teams, BDF V and Police will also play against each other during the finals this weekend. The two also got positions one and two in the ended basketball league.


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