Monday, June 24, 2024

Tlhagwane set to replace Cross Kgosidiile as MVA CEO

Fresh information has emerged this week suggesting that Michael Tlhagwane has ticked all the boxes required to become the new Chief Executive Officer of the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA). 

By close of business on Friday, sources within the financial industry were certain that Tlhagwane will soon be announced as the substantive CEO of MVA.

Inside sources hinted on Friday that Tlhagwane, who previously served as MVA General Manager Corporate Services before joining NBFIRA as deputy CEO performed well during the recently held recruitment interviews. 

Sunday Standard can also reveal that Tlhagwane is currently serving notice as NBFIRA Deputy CEO Corporate Services and is expected to officially cross the floor to MVA as CEO within a few weeks’ time. 

If appointed, Tlhagwane is expected to go through the regulatory vetting process which includes his relevance of experience per curriculum vitae, as well as clearance for known offences by law enforcement agents. The vetting process also considers relevant information about character from where including provable whistle blowing and also relevance in relation to impact trust.

The imminent appointment follows a recent off guard announcement in which Tlhagwane was acknowledged among other dignitaries at the Ghanzhi agricultural shows as ‘MVA CEO’ though he did not attend the event.

Tlhagwane’s imminent appointment follows a rejection by cabinet to reappoint former MVA CEO Cross Kgosidiile. Although the MVA board is said to have suggested a renewal of contract for Kgosidiile, with support of the Ministry of Finance, cabinet decided to show him the door. 

It has also since emerged that Kgosidiile was initially told to leave by end of October 2015, but a late minute intervention by some board members requesting cabinet to give him a reprieve saw him given a few more months. He later left the fund in December 2015. 

This publication also has learnt that cabinet was divided on Kgosidiile, after the line ministry recommended that his contract be renewed as he was the best performing CEO in the entire portfolio of parastatals under the Ministry of Finance.

MVA Fund Corporate Communications Manager Thabo Morotsi had previously said that MVA Board Chairman Freddy Modise was not in town to respond to the media enquiry at the time it was sent a month back.

“Please note that the Board Chair is not in Gaborone currently, we will however deliver the letter to him. This therefore means that we won’t be able to respond as requested,” Morotsi stated.


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