Sunday, May 28, 2023

Top Fashion

Young Batswana designers (Designers: Senes, Anthony, Themo,Opelo Lesake and
Naomi Tshweneetsile) put their best collection forward with a sassy mixture of urban, retro,

Cosmopolitan, hot chic and couture garments at the Redds fashion show.
┬áI’m a self proclaimed fashion addict who takes fashion┬á seriously and am not easily overwhelmed by tricks and treats of the industry.

My eyes are razor-sharp  and very critical, so you can imagine my emotions as I sat impatiently at the Fashion Lounge waiting for the designers to show me what they have been stitching.

As the models cat walked each chic outfit, I already knew what my high and low points already were. My high was the use of different fabric with a dash of our culture.

Personally, I enjoy watching young designers at work because they are willing to take risks and break rules which can be very difficult for successful, legendary designers. Still on that note, I felt the designers played it a bit safe and safe has a reputation of being boring.

The volume shirts and layered dresses can be picked up at any store. Note that some garments where straight up tacky and lacked insight. I wanted the Va -Va -Voom- and I fell flat.

I expected to see in-your-face dramatic colour coordination, structure, over the top bold accessories and inventory pockets and statements belts.

My inner voice screamed, “Give me manipulation of fabric and combination of ancient and modern taste, feathers, anything, just wow! me please”. Now is the time for ┬ádesigners to push the boundaries in artistic ways, nevertheless, I remained impressed by select outfits, like the two distinguished knee-high and long purple dresses, ┬áthe long black bubble dress and others, which would look great in my closet space..┬á I have no doubt all designers have invested time, personality and a sparkle of creativity into their collections. I might appear too critical and should be lenient because Botswana is new in the fashion business. But fashion is about creating history or else you will be history.
My gut feeling tells me this is a foundation of something very fabulous.


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