Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Two Batswana students perish in a car accident in Malaysia

Two Botswana students attending school at the University of Limkokwing in Malaysia were reported to have died in a car accident on Friday night.

Still in shock, a colleague of the students confirmed the accidents to The Sunday Standard, but would not give the names of the deceased as the next of kin were still to be notified.

The Botswana embassy could not be reached for details.

Limkokwing University has been receiving thousands of Botswana students.

Over the years, the government has been worried about the unruly behaviour of students in Malaysia with a good number of them having been returned home for various offences.

At one point, a student was arrested with hard drugs.

Back home, the University is in the news again with persisting allegations that it has been extended undue privilege by the Ministry of Education.
Allegations are rife in town that influential people inside cabinet have received kickbacks to swell the numbers of government sponsored students at the college.


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