Friday, March 1, 2024

Botswana students embroiled in prostitution claims in Malaysia

A dark cloud seems to be looming around the actions of some Batswana girls who are allegedly involved in prostitution in Malaysia. According to an article published recently in StarMetro newspaper in Malaysia, African students between ages 20 and 30 are selling themselves to clients around Malaysia capital city Kuala Lumpur.

The article argued that the students charge between RM200 (about P400) for a single session and RM600 (about P1200) for an all night experience.

Batswana students are said to be amongst some of the African students involved in this prostitution ring in Malaysia. Apart from loitering around certain street corners of the city, the girls are said to lure their customers by dancing provocatively at nightclubs and inviting conversation to make their move.

In the published article, it was said that the girls sell their bodies because they are trying to maintain good living standards and pay for school fees.

The Sunday Standard came across one male student who did, however, not want his name revealed but was willing to speak on the matter.

He confirmed that the article in the StarMetro was true, adding that the girls were drawn to these kinds of actions because of the allure of living lavishly.

“It all started with the girls wanting to have more fun than they could afford; you know drinking Moet and Dom Perignon champagne and the likes,” he said.

He added that most of the girls end up dating Nigerian men who have wives back home and apparently some of them beat up these girls and rape them but due to Africans having a bad reputation in Malaysia, the cases never really get far.

Another Motswana student who, because of fear, chose the pseudonym of Roxanne, refuted the suggestions in the newspaper and those made by the male student.

“I have never seen it yet I go out a lot and to places where supposedly girls do such things,” she argued.

Roxanne also said it’s disheartening to hear scandalous stories about Batswana because it’s creating a bad reputation for them in Malaysia. She argued that the claims being made are yet to be proven, adding that the scandalous rumours have spread more due to Batswana boys not taking a liking to the girls dating Nigerian guys.

She insists no acts of prostitution have taken place.


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