Thursday, July 18, 2024

Two children kidnapped at Tati Siding Village

On Saturday, Gerald Police Station officers in Francistown received reports that a boy and girl of Tati Siding Village, 15 km from Francistown, had been kidnapped.

The Station Commander of Gerald Police Station, Mothibi Motsholathebe, said that they were alerted by the parent of one of the children in the evening hours at around six o’clock.

Mothibi indicated that the mother reported that she received a message from her daughter that a stranger had forcefully grabbed children and led them into a bush near Newstance Location in Tati Siding.

The girl had secretly reached for her cellphone and sent a message to her mother about the incident. The mother then summoned the police, together with the residents who managed to rescue the hostages. The children were in good health and the motive of the kidnapping is still unknown.

Mothibi pointed out that when they arrived at the scene, the little boy had been tied with shoelaces and the kidnapper had prepared fire for the hostages as it was at night and they were cold. The kidnapper had already disappeared.

The police apprehended one suspect who did not match the identification by the kids and was only arrested for being an illegal immigrant.

Police investigations are still on going.


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