Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Two children still missing in Sowatown

In a case of which two kids are still missing in Sowa town, police searches have proved futile as the kids have not been found hitherto. Sub Inspector Manager Mabalane of Sowa Town Police station in the Sowa town confirmed to Telegraph last week over the telephone interview that the two kids a sister and a brother have still not been found. He indicated that a boy aged 5 years old and a girl aged 2 years were left by the parents at home last month on the 31 of January in the nearby cattle post of Semowane and when the parents returned home they were nowhere to be found. The parents had gone to meet with their employer in the nearby cattle posts and upon realizing that the children were missing, they reported the matter to the police.

“We do not have any clues or hints of where the children are but the police are still working hand in hand with the public in the matter to try and trace the children,” Mabalane said.

He indicated that such incidents were very rare in Sowatown and their district. Mabalane urged the parents to take good care of their children further stressing that one had to leave the children with an elderly person or go out with the children if he or she feels she will return late.


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