Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Two Chinese arrested for allegedly trying to bribe police officers

Two Chinese nationals, Su Wei and Huang Peifeng, accused of corruption, appeared before the Broadhurst Magistrate Court for arraignment.

The two allegedly tried to bribe two constables at Dibete Police station on Monday this week, officering them P50 000 on account that the officers do not arrest them for being in possession of counterfeit clothing and shoes.

Su and Huang were not arraigned as the case was postponed because the state had not managed to secure a Chinese interpreter.

Their Defense lawyer, Unoda Mark, has urged the court to grant them bail due to the absence of the interpreter.

State prosecutor for Broadhurst Police Station, Sub Inspector Oamogetse Gaboutlwelwe, did not object to the granting of bail even when the magistrate asked if there was any bond to be attached. She also said the investigation on the matter is still ongoing.

The Magistrate then granted the two bail on their own recognizance and that they should not commit any similar offence. There duo will appear again on the 18th October 2012.

The state recently dropped some charges against some Chinese who were allegedly facing corruption charges as one of the key suspects fled the country while on bail and a warrant of arrest was issues against him.


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