Sunday, March 3, 2024

Two Zimbabweans arrested for murder

Two Zimbabwean citizens, Thabani Nkala and Sunganani Tafiraushe, were recently arrested for murder and armed robbery.
Botswana Police Public Relations Officer, Assistant Commissioner Christopher Mbulawa, said the murder and armed robbery incident they were involved in is alleged to have taken place in Matsiloje on December 20, 2013.

The two are alleged to have murdered a man and got away with cash amounting to P2000 and cell phones.

The two were arrested last month after robbing a filling station in Selibe Phikwe following an exchange of fire with police. Two other suspects escaped during the incident.

The two suspects are alleged to have been acting in collusion with another Zimbabwean, Godwin Maponganyika, who is also suspected to have carried out an armed robbery at a filling station in Selibe Phikwe last month. They have since appeared in the Magistrate Court in Selibe Phikwe and been remanded.

Botswana has a high number of Zimbabwean citizens who are serving time for different offences such as armed robbery, murder and house breaking.

Two years ago, a Zimbabwean who was serving a prison sentence was shot and killed by prisons officials while attempting to escape from prison.

Four years back, a Zimbabwean citizen, Gerald Dube, was sentenced to death for the murder of his relatives. He appealed the case and lost appeal and was subsequently hanged.


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