Monday, June 5, 2023

Several Zimbabweans awaiting trials for murder

State witnesses are on 3 June to continue giving evidence in a case in which a Zimbabwean citizen, Hussein Musa, faces charges of murdering a Botswana citizen, Vierhar Gerhardoos, during an armed robbery in Nata in 2005.
During the armed robbery, Musa, together with others not before the Court, is alleged to have stolen a Land Rover belonging to the deceased.

Lawyer Lyndon Mothusi is representing Musa whilst Rahim Khan, of the Directorate of Public Prosecution, is prosecuting.

A dozen other Zimbabweans, accused of murdering people around the country, are currently awaiting trials in Botswana.
Amongst those people that the Zimbabweans are alleged to have murdered is a woman from Orapa who was traveling to a funeral. Four Zimbabweans are alleged to have killed the woman and then took her possessions, including a cell phone and money.

The four suspects are currently in Francistown Central Prison awaiting trial.

In another case, three Zimbabweans, including a woman, are accused of having murdered an Indian citizen who was preparing to leave Botswana for his country of origin. The man was allegedly strangled in Gaborone.

After killing him, they are reported to have stolen his money, including foreign currency.

The accused woman was at that time working for the Indian family as a maid in Gaborone’s Extension 2.

In yet another case, Zimbabweans are alleged to have killed a South African businessman in Ruretse outside Gaborone then robbed him of his valuables.
All the suspects in these cases have been remanded in custody pending their trials.

Another Zimbabwean, Gerald Dube, is currently on death row after he was found guilty of murdering a woman lawyer along with her two children and their maid. Incidentally, the deceased were all Zimbabweans and were all related to him.

Dube is scheduled to appeal the case during the July session of the Court of Appeal and if the appeal fails he is likely to be hanged.
Another foreigner on death row is Michael Molefe, a South African citizen found guilty of murder.

Zimbabweans are being blamed for the escalation of crime in the country.


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