Tuesday, April 23, 2024

UB billion pula master plan at an advance stage

The University of Botswana (UB) master plan facilities, a public hospital worth P2.7 billion and an academic and recreational facility, are at an advance stage of construction with expected high technology.

According to the consultantÔÇôclerk of works, Peter Truman, the UB hospital is expected to have approximately 2043 rooms and it is also expected to accommodate more than 700 local employees and 63 expatriates.

Truman stated that the campus hospital will be open to the general public. He said the hospital will also regularly have trainee doctors for practical experience. According to Truman, the six story hospital will have sound-proof walls.

UB Acting Director-Institutional Planning, Phonan Jackalas, revealed that the hospital construction budget is P1.3 million while the total budget for the hospital is P2.7 billion. He said both the hospital and the academic and recreational facilities are of international standard. He also revealed that academic and recreational facilities are worth P285 million while the newly built faculty of Health Sciences is worth P298 million.

Jackalas stated that the facilities are more than half way done and are expected to be operating by the end of the year. He stated that all the facilities are expected to be access controlled and with high and advanced technology.

Jackalas added that the construction of the academic and recreational facility includes different sports facilities, examinations auditoriums, and also graduation arena. He stated that the China Jiansu Construction Company is working around the clock to complete the project.

“The quality of what we are doing is relevant to what the nation needs,” said Jackalas.

The facilities are both located at the back of the main campus while the health sciences is located at the southern part of the main campus. 

Jackalas said the intention is to make UB a high university so as to attract professionals internationally.

According to Jackalas UB is serving as an intellectual and cultural centre that draws upon the nation’s indigenous knowledge base which promotes Botswana’s social and cultural heritage as well as being a community resource for new ideas, partnerships, and collaborative effort.
He stated that UB has been improving economic and social development by high impact engagement with business, the professions, government and civil society.


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