Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Climate Change policy at an advanced stage

The Director in the Department of Meteorological Services (DMS), Thabang Botshoma said the Climate Change policy is at an advanced stage.

Responding to questions from members of the press during a briefing last Wednesday, Botshoma said that the policy is at an approval stage. 

“It has gone through various stages and the target for its final approval is the November parliamentary sitting,” said Botshoma.

He said that while the policy is going through various stages stakeholders, the media should sensitize farmers and the nation at large on climate change. 

“Nowadays it is warm in April unlike in the past where temperatures dropped. May is also warm, we start feeling some mild chilly weather in June while it is only in July that real winter season is felt. Rains are not as regular as they used to be,” he said. He added that farmers need to heed advice on how they should practice their business in a manner suitable for the climate change. 

Although rainfalls are projected to be generally normal and below normal the coming season, DMS explained that extreme weathers or heat waves, hailstones and floods cannot be ruled out.

Meanwhile DMS said in a statement that “The 2016/17 season will be a normal rainfall season. Most parts of the country are expected to be moderately wet during the start of the season with an exception over the southwest of Botswana, where it is expected to be moderately dry.” 

The statement said that by mid- season, an improvement of rainfall is expected over the southwest, whilst normal rains are expected over the rest of the country with likelihood to below normal. The last part of the rainy season is expected to be largely normal with likelihood of above normal over most parts of the country.

Overall, an increase in rainfall is expected over the country compared to the 2015/16 rainfall season. This is mainly due to the expected weak La Nina conditions.

“During the months of October, November and December 2016, most of the country is expected to receive normal to above normal rains. The Southwestern region is the only area which is expected to receive normal to below normal rains,” states a statement from the department. 

From November, December 2016 and January 2017 the Eastern parts of the country are expected to receive largely normal rainfall. The northern and western parts will receive normal to above normal rains.

From December to February the western parts of the Botswana are expected to receive normal to above normal rainfall. The eastern parts are expected to receive normal, with a likelihood of below normal rains. The rest of the country will in that period be expected to receive largely normal rains. While from January to March the whole country is expected to receive normal to above normal rains.


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