Thursday, July 7, 2022

“The UDC is Great and magnificent movement”

We read with interest a letter published in the Guardian of 4 September 2014, by Mr Gonfitile Gaborone.  He describes himself to be a good citizen who emptied his hard-earned coffers to supplement the Fund set up by the Umbrella for Democratic Change, established to facilitate activities primarily concerned with the investigations into the circumstances surrounding the passing away of Rre Gomolemo Motswaledi, the late Secretary General of the UDC and President of the BMD.

┬áHe also uses the opportunity to label UDC president and his team as arrogant and fraudulent.┬á In his narration, Mr Gonfitile Gaborone expresses admiration for the late Gomolemo Motswaledi, and rues the day when Rre Motswaledi’s colleagues were born.┬á He argues that the UDC does not possess the character or orientation to lead the nation of Botswana to success.

 On his hard-earned monies, our Movement invites Mr Gonfitile Gaborone to our offices.  He is welcome to bring with him a copy of his deposit slip or reference against which we should be happy to offer him a refund, no questions asked.  Our idea of a free Botswana is one in which a person such as him is allowed to express discontentment and claim back his monies where he feels aggrieved that his contributions were not prudently utilized.  Our idea of a free Botswana is one where one is allowed to do this, and not have it used against them now or in the future when we least expect it.

┬áOn his evaluation on the character of our leadership, we note scorn, but he should also accept that an alternative view exists.┬á The view is, how fortunate our generation is, to have in its midst leaders of Rre Boko’s caliber, as well as leaders such as Rev Dibeela, Rre Wynter Mmolotsi, Rre Modubule, Mma Kwankwetla Bathobakae and others.┬á These are men and women of pristinely sound judgement, keen intellect and sense of selflessness.┬á These are leaders who understand that our people are yearning for change.┬á
 Mr Gontiftile Gaborone believes that the only credible report is one that is conceived, drafted and disseminated within a prescribed timeline.  On the contrary, fairness, thoroughness and excellence are attributes that need time investment to blossom. 

Our Movement has deployed more than just a pathologist (scientist) but many other experts including accident reconstruction experts, satellite specialists and other forensic specialists to unearth vast forage of information on the basis of which to crystalize an integrated report.  This is a process that could take months or even years depending on the complexity of the case.  We appeal to the people of Botswana to have faith that our teams are working diligently on these investigations.

┬áMr Gontifile Gaborone’s impatience may well be understandable, given the gravity of the circumstances, but we cannot and should not compromise the larger objective of unearthing the truth, based purely on someone’s unwillingness to exercise patience.┬á It is not clear if Mr Gontifile is claiming that the Police Service has compiled an integrated report of any form on the circumstances of Rre Motswaledi’s passing.┬á We are not aware of any such integrated report, conceived, drafted and disseminated by the Government of Botswana.┬á In fact, there is no such integrated report.┬á An integrated report is not the same thing as a pathology report or an accident scene report.┬á It is not for us to make any conclusions about Mr Gontifile Gaborone’s lapses in holding the Government of Botswana any more accountable than he does other institutions, this is his choice and only his.

┬áThe Umbrella for Democratic Change continues to pursue the vision that Rre Motswaledi laid out for us.┬á He longed for the day when every citizen, regardless of life station will have the space to dream and have their talents nurtured to become the best they can become.┬á He yearned for a time when we would all work together to make our nation great.┬á Our movement cherishes the character, depth and diversity of our personnel.┬á We are encouraged by the goodwill we continue to receive from citizens from every valley and hill of Botswana.┬á Our people are beginning to realize that they are the key to their own freedom and success ÔÇô they are beginning to understand that change will not come with this or that politician but with them.┬á The people are ready to take back their country into their own hands again.┬á Lets let them do that on 24 October.
*Gaolathe is UDC Secretary General


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