Friday, June 21, 2024

UDC parliamentary candidate receives death threats

Kanye Police are investigating allegations that Umbrella For Democratic Change (UDC) Kanye North Parliamentary Candidate Kwenantle Gaseitsiwe has been receiving death threats on his mobile phone. Kanye and Tlokweng Police have also initiated investigations on allegations that Kwenantle’s campaign team members 28-year-old Keolebogile Tshele Elijah was abducted by three unknown men near River Walk and held hostage for three days tied her to a tree trunk and forced her kidnappers’ urine. Kanye Sejelo Police Station Commander Superintendent Reuben Mphoeng told Sunday Standard that the police were following up reports of” threat to kill” received by Gaseitsiwe.”

“Last week the Kanye North Parliamentary Candidate lodged a case with us alleging that he has received death threats transmitted through mobile phone short message service (sms). Although the investigators are trying to piece together what ever evidence is available, no suspects have yet been arrested,” he said.

He added that “I cannot accurately say when the investigations will be completed due to the fact that we have to apply for a court order to access the evidence from the cellular net-work providers through which the sms were transmitted.” Mphoeng’s Tlokweng Police Station counterpart Superintendent Robson Maleka said his station is investigating Elijah’s kidnapping allegations near River Walk and other death threat accounts. “Though we do not have clues about the alleged perpetrators, we are intensifying investigations that we believe will bear fruit,” he said. Gaseitsiwe told this publication: “ I have reported the matter to the police who are now probing the matter.

Unfortunately I do not know the persons threatening my life as I do not owe anyone money. It hurts as the saga appears politically motivated and it started when Elijah was (allegedly) kidnapped by three men who are still at large,” he said. He explained his political misfortunes started in December 2013 after he won his primaries. His farm has been broken into several times and the surprising thing is that no farm produce or household items have been stolen. He recalls one particular incident, in which suspects broke into the farmhouse, forced the locked gun cabinet open, removed the firearms and placed them on top, “cocked”.

(According to military jargon, cocking a gun is the process of feeding a live bullet into the gun’s chamber in preparing for squeezing the trigger and firing). “Why they cocked the weapons and abandoned them on top of the gun cabinet rather than steal them, still remains a puzzle. In all the house break-ins that I have suffered, the police are yet to arrest the culprits.


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