Sunday, May 19, 2024

UDC suspects foul play in Motswaledi’s death

The opposition Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) has called for an independent enquiry into the death of its Secretary General, Gomolemo Motswaledi, who passed away yesterday morning in a suspicious car accident. Addressing a press conference on Thursday, UDC leaders Wynter Mmolotsi and Duma Boko said they were inspired to institute an independent enquiry into Motswaledi’s death by the fears and doubts that exist in the minds of many Batswana.

“We believe there is need for a second opinion to allay suspicion. As UDC we are aware that political assassinations are common towards elections. We must exhaust all avenues in our quest to determine what could have caused the death of this valiant man.

We will be consulting with the family very soon to seek their permission in that regard,” he said.

Mmolotsi urged all Batswana to boldly strive to deliver the Botswana that Motswaledi aspired for; a Botswana in which the people have faith in their leaders and in the ability of the security apparatus to deliver on its mandate without undue influence from those with the motive and means to eliminate others. For his part, UDC President Duma Boko urged all Batswana to donate funds into a bank account that will soon be opened so that the umbrella would be able to engage forensic pathologists and scene-of-accident experts, whose findings will satisfy both the UDC and the nation at large.

“We implore the nation to join us in this endeavour because it requires resources. We implore experts and professionals to avail themselves generously and give freely of their time,” said Boko.

He assured Batswana that the UDC will continue where Motswaledi left off, encouraged and strengthened by Batswana’s prayers and kind words.

“We can only give our assurance, which we guarantee with our lives, that we will continue on this course, because we are confident that any blood that is spilled in this endeavour will not be in vain. We will walk this path with grace because the man we mourn today carried himself with such dignity and poise that there is no doubt in all of us that he immortalised himself,” said Boko.


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