Thursday, June 13, 2024

Unconditional retraction and apology to Dzikamani Nganunu

In our edition of 25-31 May 2008 we published a story entitled BIC managing director in Mosele shady deals.

This paper, its editor and the responsible journalist unequivocally and unreservedly retract the contents of the said article. We acknowledge and accept that we wrongly made imputations against the good name of and standing held by Mr. Dzikamani Nganunu.

Contrary to our article:

. Mr Nganunu has at no point in time been involved in any Mosele shady deals.

. Mr Nganunu has never been a signatory to the accounts of Mosele Legal Services which are the subject of the legal dispute between Mosele Legal Services and Botswana Insurance Company Limited.

. Mr Nganunu never diverted nor took part in the diversion of any Mosele Legal services monies to his personal company or at all.

. Mr Nganunu has never borrowed monies from Mosele Legal Services.

. Mosele Legal services has not issued any demand or ultimatum to Mr Nganunu.

We further confirm that we have satisfied ourselves that Mr Nganunu’s instructions to Barclays Bank in 2006 was lawful and proper and that there was nothing untoward in such instruction. We accordingly sincerely and unreservedly apologise to Mr. Nganunu for the distress caused to him and his family resulting from the said


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