Sunday, October 1, 2023

Union demands CEO to tackle alleged rot at BPC

Botswana Power Corporation Workers Union (BPCWU) demands the new chief executive officer (CEO) David Kgoboko to deal with allegations of rampant corruption and nepotism that have reportedly paralysed the struggling entity. 

Kgoboko was appointed CEO on a five-year work contract replacing German national, Dr Stefan Schwarzfischer, who was allegedly fired by the board of directors almost two years ago.

Speaking to this publication, the chairman of BPCWU, Patrick Siamang said although the union applauds his appointment, they will review his performance after six months to find out whether he is on the right track in turning the utility into a profitable entity.

“Firstly, we should appreciate that a local has been given the opportunity to lead such a huge corporation,” he said. He explained that Kgoboko comes in to the corporation with a very rich track record as he was able to turn around Morupule Coal mine and make it a profitable company that now sells coal within the SADC region at large and that should be commendable for a local to reach such a high level.

He said the union met with him a day after his appointment. “It is unusual for us as the union that when a new CEO has been appointed, he/she can simply call us for a meeting soon after the appointment in a very short space time. That shocked us,” says Siamang.

He added what seems good about the CEO is the fact that he is not anti-trade union and promised to work with us in a very transparent and professional manner. Siamang also says the CEO revealed that rot has impacted the corporation. The union is also ready to present a list of those implicated in the ill acts that has taken down the corporation to its knees.

“We are ready to spill the beans because a lot is happening within the corporation which is undesirable,” he said adding that the union wants Kgoboko to battle corruption, nepotism and unnecessary spending. 


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