Sunday, May 29, 2022

Usage of ICT could offset extent of economic recession – IT specialist

As the economic recession continues to hit businesses, considering an opportunity in ICT might be the right option.

Technology is widely used and this sector has been found out by experts in the field that it is a driver of the economic growth.

“If you use any technology wisely and efficiently, one can survive the difficult times during the economic downturn,” said Beza Belayneh, CEO for Center of Information and Communications Technology and

Belayneh explained that though recession has sunk in, some people are not really affected by the pressures it comes with, such as the financial pressures that become even greater.

He noted that when times are tough, the value of IT also changes. “Just as personal needs change with economic cycles, so does the IT needs of an enterprise,” he said.

He noted that IT companies should be innovative, attract and retain customers. Belayneh added that opportunities will grow in the following sectors: Sustainable IT, Outsourcing Services, Managed Services and Hosting, Information Management Tools, Mergers and Acquisitions, Security areas, social networking.

He added that with social networking, everything is cheaper. “There is low cost of connecting people and message sharing is wide through networking,” he said.

“There is also support in terms of collaboration and communication. One can create a forum and various people will contribute,” he said. He explained that with social networks, one can also work from their place, making money in the process. He noted that people can contribute to these sites by contributing through writing articles in some instances.

Belayneh shared that the main challenges facing most people when it comes to social networks are that less people use them as they are most intimidated and do not see the relevance of them. He also explained that some underutilize the networks.
“If people can start to realize the importance of these sites, they will see that they are a great tool in making businesses.

“They can be used for communication, hiring new staff, project collaboration, knowledge management and public relations, all of which contribute significantly to the business one is running,” he added.

Kenneth Molosi, CEO for EOH Consulting Botswana, said the country should look at technology as one of the drivers of the economy.

“In Botswana, when we talk about economic diversification, we think about farming, tourism and mining. ICT is never thought of and it is about time we look into other pockets. We have to look at technology as one of the drivers of the economy,” said Molosi.


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