Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Vee’s wedding: After all is said and done

It has been the most talked about since Robert Masitara’s flashy and expensive wedding more than a decade ago. It had all the hallmarks of a royal wedding, a guest list that included the President, cabinet ministers, Central Bank Governor, the who’s who of the local entertainment industry, and a price tag to match.

Odirile Vee Sento’s was by no means an ordinary wedding. With uninvited fans baying for his blood, rumours of him being turned down by Phakalane Estates, the bride’s gown being altered at the eleventh hour, wedding day delays, and the long bumpy road to the reception in Ruretse, Lifestyle got to sit down with the pint- sized musician to get the real story and finally put the issue to rest.

It is barely a week after he got hitched but he is already in his Block 5 (Gaborone West) studio cooking up yet another one of the hits that made him the household name he is.

The first issue to come up is that of the legions of aggrieved fans, some of who took to the social networks to vent their anger at being left out of the guest list.

“How do you feed a whole country,” he asks rhetorically, looking at me as if expecting some form of validation.

“I had to be honest to myself. There was nothing I could do. Some people had suggested I turn it into an open event at some stadium but that still wouldn’t have pleased everyone.”

Vee says he wanted his wedding to be a private affair. If he had his way, he says, even the media wouldn’t have known until after the event.

He says it is for this reason that he also chose to host the reception out of town (in Ruretse). He dismissed complaints about the quality of the road.

“It had to be difficult to get there,” he says. “You don’t expect a smooth drive into a farm. People have to understand that it is always a privilege to be invited to a wedding.”

Vee says he had invited just over 800 guests. “We had about 1200 people at the wedding,” he adds.
There were also rumours of his wife, Kagiso’s dress being the reason for the three hour delay.
“People just like to make stuff up,” he says, “but it was my suit that caused the delay. It seems the designer only started designing the suit the day before the wedding and it was not done by the time we needed it.”

He insists however that he had paid for the suit two months earlier.

The delay caused President Ian Khama, who had attended the wedding in Ruretse, to leave the place before the newlyweds arrived. Although he is said to have given the couple a gift, Vee could not be drawn into revealing what the gift was. Suffice it to say it is a “huge present”.

Other rumours were that he had been turned down for a photo-shoot by the Phakalane Golf Estate.
“I was not really hands-on in organising the wedding so I do not know why they were turned down,” he says. “I don’t know and I don’t care.”

He also dismisses the rumoured P10 000 charge as one of the reasons they did not use the golf estate for the shoot. “Money was never an issue. I respect their decision not to host us, but the Grand Palm Hotel had always been my personal favourite.” The hotel, he says, provided the venue free of charge.

Vee says they spent in excess of P500,000 despite getting sponsorships from various companies like KBL, O3, and local artists who performed free of charge.

By the time he spoke to Lifestyle he had already had his first post-wedding performance and insists he is not sceptical about his upcoming concerts given the fans’ reaction to the wedding.

“I don’t think anything is going to change,” he says. “Of course they had every reason to be angry but what is important right now is how we fix things and move forward. “I believe God is behind everything I do and when God is at work nothing can stop him.”


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