Thursday, May 23, 2024

Warning to BOFEPUSO

Allow me some space in your newspaper to air my views on matters affecting our beloved country.
When we all are observing all attempts by our government to suffocate and finally kill our unions, it is under this background that one feels an advice to unions (BOFEPUSO) is worth sharing.

I learnt with some shock and great disappointment that certain members of this union can plan, gather and hold a meeting that is not sanctioned by the mother body. It is very clear that the war between government and unions is going far and will obviously have causalities along its execution and that leaves us pondering (I don’t mean the common and much talked about civil war here); what’s next?

For a group of disgruntled members to hold a meeting not sanctioned by union will, in no doubt, sow divisions in the general membership of the union, especially when the unions come out and state a position that “those are not our members” and that we have no dealing with such a meeting.

As a democratic thinking society, we start to look at unions as if they are deserting members, and we are reminded of the abrupt suspension of the strike. We were told there were numerous voices against the suspension, and that it was a sole decision of the union’s leadership. BOFEPUSO must tread with great care and take responsibility for all the actions of its members.

I will not be amazed if the next move from the government will be to stop collecting subscriptions from members on behalf of the unions, and this one can argue will leave the unions “broke” with uncollected monies in its membership’s pocket. What we hear took place at GSS grounds should be condemned hastily and in strongest terms by the union’s leadership otherwise it will go down to take away the little remaining chances of its


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