Saturday, September 23, 2023

Watch out, Mama’s Eye is only the beginning – Kearoma

If anyone had heard the voice of an angel and lived to tell the story the description would surely fit our own songbird Kearoma Rantao, a veteran in our local music scene who recently came back home after a three-week stint in the United States of America. She performed at the Rosewood Kennedy in Boston, at a special Yali Event where she was invited by His Excellency David Newman at our Embassy in Washington DC and finally did two apperances in Texas in Galveston and Houston.

On her return Lifestyle looked her up caught up  to know bout the trip. “I have since realised that firstly I should go for my dreams, and that you will never know what the world out there has for you. People out there never knew that in Botswana there are musicians and singers like any others in the world because our government mostly promotes traditional dance and music as a way of selling our country  and promoting our culture,” she says. 

She is quick to point out that Kearoma further out that she is  a traditional dancer herself but also a vocalist specialising in both choral and contemporary music. What she does is fuse these talents with the traditional feel to come out with westernised sounds.

Kearoma is also of the notion that the misconception that Batswana musicians only have the traditional dances to offer at the world stage has brought a blunt misfortune to many Batswana who have tried to venture into other genres of music. However she encourages them to go out into the world and show what they have to offer. “I therefore learnt through my travels that you can make it happen for yourself,” states Kearoma who has been on countless around the world musical rendezvous.

As a performing artist it is imperative that one not only gives outstanding performances but they should also look good while doing it, a department where Kearoma pays special attention to and makes sure that she dresses up and takes attention to her make-up before she takes to the the stage. 

She claims to be the mastermind behind all her stage make-ups though she gives a little credit to the local designers who put together her gowns. 

During one of her performances she donned a wool-neck piece which she says she made herself the night before a her gig.  

Kearoma sees nothing short of a world acclaimed album but in a very short time. Meanwhile her fans should keep their ears to the ground as she will soon be releasing her latest single titled Mama’s Eye which she recently recorded alongside Danielle Tuocchio when she was in the United States at the Berkeley Music College in Boston. In conclusion, Kearoma wants music,  that will not only take me to bigger stages and my dream is to get my music to all ends of the universe. I’m going to do it and more collaborations are coming.”

Kearoma is a self-driven and self motivated artist who does not sit around to wait for things to happen for her; she is a go getter who finds opportunities to get things done herself. Many young and upcoming entertainers could learn a thing or two from her as she is entirely in charge of making her own dreams come true. No one hears the voice of a caged canary it needs to fly out there into the world. 


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