Tuesday, March 2, 2021

What is so special about beauty spas?

Massage is offered in virtually every spa in the country. Oddly, though, it sometimes takes a delicate balancing act to make this marriage a happy union. Spa directors often set a rigid agenda for how services will be performed, are strict about the length of time spent on a service, and require meticulous consistency in method. For some massage therapists and this can be deadening to the spirit.

Shobas Beauty Shop is a wholly citizen owned business, by Zibo Shoba Ebineng, located at Plot 23751, Phase 4, Gaborone. It’s a spa that provides a variety of services for the purpose of improving health, beauty and relaxation through personal care treatments such as massages and facials.

Her interest is to help their clients attain inner beauty, a sense of wellbeing and wholeness, hence they have workshops on issues such as inner beauty, stress management and financial independence.
This is also achieved through weekend retreats, spent with psychologists and therapists, to try and encourage participants to take time out just to breathe. The spa has a relaxing outdoor swimming pool and bar area where they host spa themed parties for clients, both private and corporate, to enjoy some fresh air and relaxing treatments whilst having fun.

“We also provide mobile spa services, where clients are pampered in the comfort of their homes, hotel rooms and offices,” she says.

Starting in 2010 with just a nail bar rented from a hair salon, Shobas have grown from that to a mobile spa, and now there is a relaxing open space, where clients are pampered in treatment rooms, or by the pool side, over a glass of champagne and soothing music.

Zibo says their target market is Gaborone and surrounding areas, and through workshops they have grown to cover areas such as Selibe Phikwe and Orapa. Individuals with a disposable income are our huge market and corporate entities.

“We operate from Monday to Sunday, 8am to 6pm, and our weekends go up to 11pm for when we are hosting a spa party,” she says.

And the name Shobas?

“I grew up as a bubbly, outgoing, adventurous and creative child, and my family loved calling me Shobenas when playing with me, and as I grew up, this changes to Shoba, and back home in Serowe, Shoba was my popular name. When I set up Shobas, I decided to use this name for something I have always been passionate about, beauty. And it is through Shobas Beauty Shop that one sees the qualities in me as mentioned above, and nothing fulfills me more than seeing an individual breaking out of their shell and be themselves, that’s what beauty is to me, and that’s what Shobas intends to do, bring out the best qualities in our clients.”

She says the spa is a center for personal care treatments, such as massages, face and body treatments. It’s both a facility and service.

Passion for beauty, health and wellbeing is key for one to make it in this business, but one also has to have a business sense and a background in the spa industry is a plus.

She says their services include manicure which refers to hand treatments and pedicure referring to foot treatments, facials where they use Rooibos products and Artistry, as well as food facials where food is used for treatments, for example, mealie meal as scrub, lemon/tomato as toner, plain yoghurt, honey, ice cubes.

They have massages, fitness sessions where they go up Kgale hill and do aqua aerobics in the swimming pool, workshops are held throughout the year, tea parties for corporate clients, Christmas parties, and private spa themed parties such as baby showers, bridal showers, birthday sessions, stag parties, and pamper sessions where individuals just come and spend the day getting treatments, healthy salads, champagne, soothing music and swimming pool at their disposal.

She says right time for a treatment differs for every client hence most of clients prefer after hours during the week, unless one is on leave or has the flexibility of getting a treatment anytime of the day and weekends are also great as one would be pampered and have time to relax and recharge.
“These are packages that aim to tie in one package all types of treatments and amenities appropriate for our clients wishing to unwind, relax and to be pampered as the name suggests. We have a spa pamper day which includes facial, massage, great food, champagne for each client, and this is for a group of a minimum of five people,” she says.

There are usually weekend getaways where they just escape to ‘breathe’ and include massages, yoga, meditation, sunrise walks, game drives, swimming, great food, talks with therapists and psychologists.


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