Sunday, May 16, 2021

What is spring all about?

After such a long cold winter, everyone is looking forward to wearing light, colourful and short clothing.

Spring is truly one of the best times of the year: the weather starts warming up, the sun is out in full force and it marks the spring cleaning period.
Spring cleaning your life is vital if you are to make it through the rest of the year intact.

Here are some tips to help you spring-clean your body, mind and wardrobe.

Winter is a time for hibernation where we stay indoors to keep warm rather than venturing out. As a result, we tend to neglect our bodies to a certain extent.

Decluttering your life is a great therapeutic exercise so spend some time on yourself this season and spring clean your body, mind and, of course, your wardrobe.

Spring is a fabulous time to cast a critical eye over your wardrobe and refresh and renew it. Cleaning out your wardrobe should be done at every season’s end.

Bring out your spring and summer pieces, putting your cute little summer dresses and tops back in your wardrobe will help you to usher in the new season.
Chuck out items that no longer fit you, are out of style or are the wrong colour for you.

Take items that need mending to the tailor and throw out the tatty clothes in your pile and give clean clothes to charity or sell at the flea market to get new summer garments.

Don’t keep garments in the hope you will drop three sizes one day; spoil yourself with new clothes if you reach that goal.

By removing our darker winter clothes and showcasing our brighter, lighter spring/summer clothes you will experience an immediate mood boost.
We keep clothes for a variety of reasons, according to professional organiser, Narelle Todd. An item of clothing may remind you of a certain event or feeling, or you remember how much you paid for a blouse and feel guilty because you haven’t worn it enough.

“Inevitably you will have items of clothing that you will have trouble removing because you are certain you will one day wear them,” said Todd.
Todd recommends hanging those items in your wardrobe but doing so with a twist. You want to differentiate these clothes from the ones you are definitely keeping.
Give your wardrobe a good clear out to make way for mood-elevating new season purchases. You might discover some hidden gems stuffed in the back, or even find a new way to rework old favourites to stay on-trend without spending a thing.

If you find that you have one of the three categories of clothing in your wardrobe, know that it is the time for spring cleaning.
The categories are as follows:
ÔÇó Inappropriate, that means you should add all the winter pieces you won’t need over the next six months. Neatly fold your winter pieces and pack them into boxes to store somewhere dry until next season.

ÔÇó Out-dated, ask yourself, “when was the last time I wore this?” If it was over a year ago, it belongs in the packed pile.

ÔÇó Ill-fitting, this will include any uncomfortably tight or gaping at the buttons items to this pile. You can sell some of the pieces in these last two piles to second-hand clothing stores or donate them to charity.

A lot more can be done to your body to explore spring! Have a pedicure and manicure, a great treat for you and your stylish summer sandals!

Exfoliate to reveal your soft skin underneath if you are lily white and don’t tan very easily, a light self tan will be a great option to get you ready for those skirts, shorts, dresses and sleeveless blouses/shirts.

Get a new haircut, a fabulous way to revamp your look for the new season ahead. For men, a bald head is always sexier!

And lastly, you should put together a shopping list of the items that you would like to invest in for the upcoming season.


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