Sunday, June 16, 2024

When turning to social media for advertising makes sense

“I use social media platforms to advertise my business and so far the response has been good”, says Gaolathe Kudzani Mogomotsi ÔÇô owner and founder of a company called Ketz Goms Designs.

Ketz Goms Designs offers interior architecture and graphic design services (advertising & branding).

Mogomotsi explains that he started the company on part time basis in 2015 but later (May 2017) decided to give it his full attention.

The 25 year old explained that even though Ketz Goms Designs does not have permanent employees at the moment, he sometimes engages his former school mates (unemployed) for a fee.

Mogomotsi says Ketz Goms Designs is still growing thus needs a good financial start up so that it can grow and possibly hire a significant number of unemployed youth.

“My biggest challenge is that my business needs capital to grow. I need to have employees who can help me grow the business, I need to buy quality equipment so that I can work faster and produce the best works,” the Maitengwe born said.

He added that starting a business takes a whole lot of guts, optimism, and passion. Not to mention a ton of hard work and the need to pinch pennies anywhere one can.

Mogomotsi also explained that the struggles of life made him start this business, as he just realized he cannot just wait for the government to create jobs for them as youth yet he have talents that he can use to earn a living.

Botswana’s job market is currently swamped with graduates seeking employment with scores of them still roaming the streets fruitlessly. For some youths the value of education system has declined, many now crowd government social program known as Ipelegeng and other voluntary schemes, forced to earn a measly living.

When giving advice to budding entrepreneurs Mogomotsi noted that, “My advice is do your thing and be confident. No matter how many obstacles you meet in your journey as an entrepreneur, never give up just keep your eyes on your goals, one day you will get there”

Mogomotsi attended his Primary school and junior school at the village and later went to Tutume Mc Connel College to do his BGCSE. Upon completion, he enrolled for Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture at Limkokwing University of Creative Studies.


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