Sunday, June 16, 2024


Wake up in the morning
And nobody asks you how your night was
Go to school
And nobody asks you what was taught during the day
Go to parties and clubs
And nobody asks you who you were with
Drink alcohol and do drugs
And nobody asks if you are digging your own grave
Fall in love
And nobody asks you who is it you love
Sleep away from home
And nobody asks where you were
Break up with your lover
And nobody cares about how you feel
Fail exams at school and nobody asks you what went wrong / what you were thinking
Fail to succeed in life
And everybody would start asking what you’ve been doing all along.

Parents, be friends with your children, talk to them about their worries and be engaged in their school work. It is not late to change your child’s life; better help them study now than later because at the end of the day you would say “at least, I tried”.


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