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Who Are You?

Who are you, really? Are you just a pile of bones running around in a meat suit; or is there far more to you than meets the eye? Wisdom suggests the latter to be the case.

According to the Law of Magnetism, we all create and project a certain kind of energy around us. This personal energy, sometimes referred to as our aura, is based on our perceptions, attitudes, beliefs and actions; and it influences what happens to us in our lives.

Our energy moves outward from us and eventually returns to us in the form of the people we meet and the situations we attract. We attract back to ourselves the same kind of energy that we send out.
If we pay attention to the way our life is unfolding, we’ll realise that the people and situations we draw into our lives mirror the energy we put out. When we go about life enthusiastic and happy, we attract equally joyful people into our experience. The same is true if we’re ornery or frustrated ÔÇô there’s no end to the amount of negativity in our lives.

If you doubt the existence of these energy patterns, consider the impact they’ve had on our lives so far, through modern technology such as cell phones and remote controls.

Consider also that radio and T.V. stations broadcast their signals at certain frequencies; and when we tune our sets to the same frequency, we can pick up their signals. We can’t see energy waves, but we can see their effects, so there can be no doubt that they exist.

We broadcast similar signals about ourselves. We send out energetic messages about our true nature, our deepest held beliefs, and even our unspoken attitudes. In fact, our energy is the first thing people notice about us. We communicate as much through what we radiate, than what we say or do.
Think about the last time someone smiled at you but you sensed hostility; or you felt inexplicably drawn to the warmth of a complete stranger? Our energy either draws people in or repels them.
What kind of energy are you sending out?
I do my best to send out great energy, but the one time I ever got robbed in my life, the energy I was sending out was terrible! I visited a certain country and, for some reason, I spent much of my time in fear of being attacked.

Within a week, my purse containing my passport and all my cash had been snatched. I knew immediately that the energy of fear I’ been projecting was responsible, so I sat in quiet meditation and prayer and practiced cultivating more loving, peaceful energy. In two hours, my passport and air ticket had been tossed out and picked up by people who returned them to my hotel.

I quickly internalized the importance of projecting the right kind of energy, particularly through our thoughts. None of us can radiate positive energy all the time. However, when something negative happens, while honouring our feelings of anger or disappointment, we should move through them as quickly as possible and reach for more joyful thoughts.

More often, however, when we feel bad, we reach for someone to share our misery with. Regardless of how satisfying it feels at the time, the same negative energy we project will continue to affect us in the very ways that we’re complaining about; and likely spread to other areas of our lives. Worse still, now we’re not the only people feeling depressed, our friends are too.

You must’ve realized this with the people in your life. Consider your energy before and after your interactions with certain people. Some people leave us feeling great and uplifted; and wanting more of them; while others leave us feeling depressed due to their endless complaints. Become more discerning in your interactions; don’t allow anyone to drag you down.

I’m not encouraging you to lack empathy. But remember: you can’t be miserable enough to make someone else happy. Before you allow yourself to be sucked into someone else’s drama, ask yourself, who is this helping? Unless you can remain disciplined enough to lift your friend up instead of them dragging you down ÔÇô which is rare – avoid negative interactions.

Also, next time you feel miserable, try to make yourself feel better before seeing other people. Try keeping a journal, but instead of writing about how much you hate someone, write down: ‘what happened;’ ‘how it made you feel;’ and ‘what you now want for your life.’

For example: “my boss humiliated me in front of my subordinates. I felt demeaned. I want to be treated with respect by all my colleagues.” Let your thoughts around these three areas flow.

Next, try to find things to appreciate about your boss ÔÇô this may be difficult at first so you can always start with the obvious: his good taste in clothes; his strong family values etc. Remember, you’re not doing this for him; you’re doing it for you.

Finally, allow your appreciation to flow to other aspects of your life; write down everything you’re grateful for. Watch your mood change and your energy become lighter.

That sensation of relief you feel, like a weight has just been lifted off your chest or the knot in your stomach has gotten a little less tight, is an energy shift. It will positively affect what you attract from the world around you.

Before meeting up with people in professional or personal settings, or even engaging in an important phone call, visualize an uplifting interaction beforehand. Make sure you’re in a great energetic space before that interaction happens. If this isn’t possible, delay it ÔÇô far better to take time in positive preparation than engage in damage limitation.
So who are you?

You’re an energetic being who can drastically change your life for the better by maintaining a positive attitude.

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