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Who is Peter Magosi, the new DIS Boss?

Brigadier Peter Magosi, the new DISS Director General is not new to the intelligence community.

He joined the Botswana Defence Force (BDF) in 1985 as an officer cadet progressing to become the No 1 Infantry Brigade Commander.

Brigadier Magosi was also amongst other things a member of the Special Forces which forms the cream of any military and is envied by many within the armed forces.

Fast forward to February 2016, the former President Lt Gen Ian Khama however forced Brigadier Magosi into early retirement. At the time Magosi was the Botswana Defence Force Chief of Staff and Commander of Ground Forces.

It was at the same time of his firing in 2016, that letter authored by the then BDF commander Lt Gen Galebotswe to former President Khama also leaked. The letter, written in April 2014 recommended Brigadier Magosi’s expulsion from the army.

Magosi’s forced early retirement was not without controversy. He was at some point embroiled in a fight with Lt Gen Galebotswe. The relationship between the two BDF commanders turned waspish after Brig Magosi refused to hand over some intelligence officers to his successor Col Cullen Nkete – current head of the BDF Military Intelligence.

At some point, Magosi and Sergeant Dzikamani Mothobi were investigated following the alleged disappearance of Botswana Defence Force (BDF) intelligence surveillance equipment.

The former DISS boss, Isaac Kgosi and Minister Eric Molale were also implicated in the missing GSM Jammers and Cellbrites after Brigadier Magosi allegedly disclosed that they were the last to handle them.
Before the fight, the new chief spy was for a long time part of former President Khama’s inner circle and has always had the backing of Tshekedi Khama and his twin brother Anthony Khama.

Following his forced exit at BDF, Magosi shockingly resurfaced as head of head of Intelligence for the department of wildlife. He was hired by the former President’s brother ÔÇô Tshekedi, who is the minister of Wildlife and Tourism.

While those close to army barracks reveal that it was Kgosi, who roped in Magosi into the Military Intelligence in 1996, the two men have of late not seen eye to eye.
Both Kgosi and Magosi have been at it hammer and tongs since the former DISS Director General allegedly reported Magosi to the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) for alleged corruption while heading the Military Intelligence a few years ago.

The DCEC could not find any dirt on Brigadier Magosi who in turn pressured the graft busters in vain to disclose that Kgosi was their source. The animosity between Kgosi and Gaolathe against Magosi was never resolved and boiled over when the then army chief launched an investigation against Magosi.

On 02 May 2018, the Permanent Secretary to the president, Carter Morupisi, confirmed in a press statement that Kgosi has been “declassified”.

“I wish to announce that his Excellency the President has decided to relive Colonel Isaac Seabelo Kgosi as Director General of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security with immediate effect and consequently appointed Mr Peter Magosi as the Director General.”



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