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Who is Peter Sebina?

Peter M. Sebina was Bamangwato Tribal Secretary and personal secretary to Tshekedi Khama for over 25 years.

He played an illustrious role in the establishment of Bamangwato College (Moeng). Having studied and worked at Fort Hare University College, South Africa, he was acquainted to the likes of Professor Z.K. Matthews, Dr. Bokwe, Dr. Xuma, Mr. B. C. Thema and Dr. S. M. Molema.

As an educationalist he contributed to the acquisition of foreign scholarships of notable pioneers such as Monametsi Chiepe, Gaositwe Chiepe, Dr. Kenneth Koma, Moleleki Mokama (first Motswana Attorney General) and Dr. David Sebina (first Motswana Medical Doctor).

Peter Sebina sat on the Area Council Bamangwato and the African Advisory Council.

Being of Kaa-Kalanga descent and through his close association with Tshekedi, he often received the wrath of those who were dissatisfied with Tshekedi’s reign notably the Ratshosa brothers and the Nswazis.

Sebina was a fine scholar who has written many papers, the first to be published being “Ka ga Makalaka” an essay that won him a first prize in the Setswana Literary Competition organised by the Resident Commissioner, Sir Charles R. Ray in February 1931.

The essay was published in the Journal of African Studies of June 1947.

Other tittles are “Symbol of Sacrifice” and “The Glory of our Blood and State.”

He was a regular writer to the “Farmers Weekly,” “Naledi Ya Batswana,” and the “Sunday Times.”
“The Aspiring Bechuana” was his last paper as he died in June 1962 just after the inception of the Legislative Council.

Peter Mazebe Sebina was born on April 18, 1894 at Old Palapye to Sephobe-a- Mokgopo-a-Sealudi-a-Sebina (Motshiping) ÔÇôa-Motswaing-a-Motlhabane-a-Sue-aLebelwane-a-Selalajwannye.

Peter was the last born and only son to Sephobe his wife Moduduetso (nee Ndjadingwe from Bokhurutse ward.)

His older sisters were Thakadu 9married to Reverend Mothobi Maphanyane) and Sefalana (married to Tibe Chiepe).

Peter was whisked as a toddler to Khama III homestead where he grew up and later traveled to South Africa to study at Adam’s College, Lovedale and Fort Hare. He was a legal guardian to Tshekedi Khama at Lovedale Institute.

Sebina died at his home in Serowe on June 29, 1962, three years after the death of his prot├®g├®, Tshekedi Khama.

**His article the “Aspiring Bechuana” dated 17th April, 1961 was written on the eve of the inception of the Legislative Council (LEGCO).


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