Sunday, March 26, 2023

Who of Tawana and Latoya will leave on Sunday?

After being cooped up in BB3’s ‘rubbish dump’ since last Sunday, Tawana and Latoya still face possible eviction tonight (Sunday).

On the last eviction night, in yet another twist, the two were ordered to leave the Big Brother house. And then sent to a lair, unbeknown to the rest of their housemates, who all have, in the meanwhile, been made to believe that they are all up of possible eviction.

However, Latoya and Tawana are the two up for eviction.

All the while Tawana and Latoya have been able to see what goes on inside the house on a flat screen provided in the Dump. And between expressing both their wishes to get back in the house, philosophically reflecting on their time in the house, and wickedly gossiping about the rest of the housemates, they have watched with interest as a new love triangle formed between Lucille, Munya and Ricco inside the house.

Tawana says of the debacle, “Munya needs me,” feeling sorry for the housemate who has taken to following Lucille, the pretty Namibian around the house, while Ricco is also heavily coming onto Lucille. “Ricco needs to stop his nonsense… Now he’s moving on like a hurricane; seriously I need to get back,” Tawana says.

However, Latoya, annoyed at how her man Ricco has quickly gotten over her, and moving in with Lucille, is dismissive of all the three involved in the affair. Munya’s lovesickness is all an audition for a Hollywood movie, she says.

Remember to vote to keep Tawana in the BBA3 house. Please be careful when you cast your vote. Note that you will be voting for either Tawana or Latoya to leave the house.

Voting deadline is on Sunday, at 19h30, during the live show.


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