Sunday, September 24, 2023

Who’s Fooling Who?

Botswana Football Association (BFA) chief executive officer (CEO), Mfolo Mfolo has dismissed insinuations that the next league season will start in February 2021.

On Saturday, one of the BFA secretariat employees was on national radio and national broadcasting television telling the nation and football community that the coming season will be from February to November. 

“We haven’t issued any statement from our office indicating that the season will start in February. If there is any official who said that it is not the position of the BFA,” Mfolo said. 

According to the BFA head of secretariat, the BFA National Executive Committee (BFA NEC) does not have power and authority to change the league season. 

“The NEC has a position that they have taken and it will be presented at the BFA Assembly which is yet to be staged. The position will be taken for the assembly for adoption,” he explained.

The CEO said he is not aware that one of the secretariat employees has informed the media that the league season will start in February. 

Mfolo said the reports that the league is scheduled for February should be ignored as no formal communication on league season has been issued.

“The power lies with the assembly as the supreme decision-making body in the BFA,” he explained.

Last week the BFA issued a statement that the task committee which was to look into promotional playoffs and Orange FA have recommended to be played when football activities resume in compliance with health protocols.

The two competitions will be played as precursor to the new coming season. Botswana’s league season was changed years back to be in line with developed countries league season.

The reasons were that it be aligned so that it does not create confusion and disturbances when international competitions are scheduled.

Meanwhile, the BFA CEO has said decisions are yet to be made as to when the elective assembly will be held.

“We are working around the clock to stage the AGM because it is a constitutional requirement. We cannot infringe on the requirements of the constitution by failing to host the elections,” explained Mfolo. 

He said the association is looking at all available options to fulfil the COVID 19 health protocols and host assembly.

“We are exploring options available to see if we cannot hold the assembly without gathering all people in one place to avoid going against COVID 19 health protocols,” he explained.

“There are restrictions on inter zonal travels which hinder movements across zones. Such impediments hinder people from gathering in one place,” Mfolo said.


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