Thursday, July 18, 2024

Why women lie and cheat

We live in a world that is bombarded with images and messages of how a woman should look, talk, walk and handle herself in general.

Growing up, I had a teacher who used to tell me my laughter was not very lady like. At one point someone complained that I had too many guy friends and a girl child should never at any point be seen around so many guys because it says nothing good about her upbringing and brings shame to her family.

The media has not made it easy on women as well, with all the airbrushed models we see everywhere who always have skinny looks or, should I rather opt for the word slim?

A certain age is considered the perfect age and women of a particular age are considered to not suit the standard of being a woman in today’s age. Then there is the makeup, all those tanning and whitening creams that seem to come out everyday under different products to compliment the many different hair extensions that have taken the market by storm.

I hear a lot of guys say they want a natural looking woman, they do not want someone who wears make up and the weave is a big deal breaker for them but when they see Nicki Minaj and her look alikes, they literally drool and you have their tongues on the floor.

Fake hair and too much make up make women look like dolls, and apparently fake asses as well. And, who knows, maybe even fake boobs! The images we see of women with perfect bodies and breasts make us forget that breasts are meant to sag and there is nothing wrong with that and whether we like it or not stretch marks will always haunt us.

The double standards are so annoying because women end up doing all these things that they don’t like to please men who say they don’t like them but fall for them without even trying to hide them.
So why do women lie?

They lie because men like women with long silky hair and big boobs so they get themselves the best quality weaves and buy a bunch of wonder bras to give them extra lifts, some take pills for a more permanent effect while some end up going under the knife just so they look the part.

Some women lie about their age and use age defying creams to stay younger while some fight to look older and use make-up and clothes to achieve that perfect age that is so ideal.
How do women cheat?

Women go on so many diets that sometimes they end up forgetting they are on diets. I once heard someone say even when you are dieting you need a seventh day of rest from the diet. Whatever diet a woman goes through, she cheats at least once just so she can have that piece of chicken or slice of mouth-watering cake that’s just begging to be eaten. Women lie about their age, their hair, their faces and almost everything else of theirs but the worst and biggest lie women tell is to themselves. We lie and make ourselves feel uncomfortable to please someone else; we lie to ourselves, trying to convince ourselves that we are ok with all these things and try to believe that all the make-overs are who we are.

We act as if we don’t care and behave as if it does not negatively affect us; we cheat ourselves of happiness as women because we are too concentrated on pleasing the next person.

Women lie and cheat not the world but they lie and cheat themselves at the chance of being who they really are and discovering the beautiful souls that they are and could be if they put themselves first.


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