Sunday, May 19, 2024

Windows 8 hits Botswana market

Microsoft has launched the latest version of its operating system and new offers of applications, hardware options for customers as Windows 8 becomes available in Botswana.

Microsoft East and Southern Africa General Manager, Eric Odipo, revealed that the latest products offer more than an upgrade on the speed and efficiency of Windows 7 to give consumers and businesses a new user experience. He added the new operating system will help local applications developers commercialise their products using Windows store.

“We have been in Africa in for over 20 years and working through partners changes the environment of the localities,” said Odipo.

Furthermore he pointed out that Microsoft is also selling to the diverse group of companies, government, academic and other customers. He added that Microsoft was established in 1975 by Bill Gates to empower people with technology. Odipo stated that there have also been massive changes on the devices being used and added that Microsoft continues to ensure that the different kinds of communications and collaborations are available.

“In Botswana the partnerships we have with the business community and government to make sure that they achieve the aspirations that they have,” he said.

He observed that the government of Botswana has big goals in line with vision 2016 pillars. Odipo also pointed out that Microsoft across the world wants to increase accountability and transparency through partnership.

He revealed that Microsoft locally is working with academic with the University of Botswana to increase the ICT skills that the graduates are coming with. He stated that Windows 8 allows the consumers to create, work and play with a personalised experience that fits their style and needs.

“Local innovators are already adopting the operating system and have started creating apps for this plat form,” said Odipo.

He also pointed out the new operating is poised for good uptake with Botswana companies already building applications to support their customers using Windows 8 device. He singled out a local company, Kolari Technology Company which is already working on a set of windows 8.

Microsoft Senior Business Development Manager, East, West and Central Africa, Warren La Fleur, echoed Odipo’s words and stated that Microsoft has partnered with Botswana to diversify the economy.

He added that there are many opportunities in Botswana particularly at the Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH).

“We want o facilitate capacity building, mentorship as well as for access to world class technology system in the country,” said Warren.

He also observed that the Hub is relevant both to start up innovative ventures to large multinational organisations as well as individual academics and companies with unique marketable ideas or inventions.


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