Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Wine lovers get a taste of Solms-Delta in Phakalane

South Africa’s Solms-Delta Wine Estate last week treated wine lovers and collectors to a wine tasting experience at the Phakalane Golf Estate.

The event featured six unusual varieties from South Africa.

The tasting session started with both red and white younger wines and ended with more mature ones.

These were classical wines with a difference, made from grapes and included Vastrap, Amalie, Lekkerwijn, Hiervandaan, Langarm, Africana and Gemoedsrus.

The wines, owned by the Solms family, the Astor family Trust and the Wijin de Caab Trust, were mostly fresh and made easy drinking.

Solms Director, Mark Solms, said different wines are taken for enjoyment on their own, at any formal occasion, at the poolside, around a convivial dinner table or braai.

He took wine tasters through a variety of steps on how to best enjoy their wines. He said a description of different types of wine begins with classification.

“The name of the wine Vastrap combines Richard Astor’s love of music with his dislike of pomposity, it is approachable and well-priced,” said Solms.

Wines such as Hiervandaan 2007 reach maturation after 14 months in French oak from the forest of allier. Others, such as Longman, Amalie and Lekkerwijin 2010 would normally take six to ten months partially in second and third fill barrels and stainless steel tanks.

According to Solms, red wines mostly go well with food; the grapes give the wines their colour and normally have rich vintage and taste. He stated that more recent white wines are much tastier while young red wines are bitter.

The Solms-Astor wines consist mainly of unusual Cape blends. Solms labeled them “friendly wines, fun and accessible,” and said they were inspired by Solms-Delta’s involvement in reviving the traditional folk music of the Cape. The Solms-Delta consists almost entirely of Rhone varietals made from desiccated grapes.

According to Solms, Gemoedrus 2009 is a highly innovative elaboration on the theme of European port wine, desiccated shiraz, with a husk spirit.

Wine lovers were basically assessing the wine’s unique colour, aroma and flavours, describing and recording each wine they had. The guests also shared their thoughts and humour on each wine. The wines offered a cascade of tastes and styles, all with a distinctive sense of place.

The South African roots of world-renowned neuroscientist Professor Mark Solms brought him back home in 2002 to revitalize the historic delta wines estate. Solms assumed custodianship of the 320 year-old estate with a vision that went much deeper than re-establishing its vineyard and cellars.


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