Monday, May 16, 2022

Winter is here!

Winter is now in season, and old jackets that were considered to be out of fashion have been sought out and dusted off to help protect against the biting cold.

Summer has officially signed out, and winter made a grand entrance with weeklong nonstop rains and chilly weather. The whole of the country was engulfed in clouds and nonstop rains. This was unusual for Botswana, and many saw it as a signal that this winter promises to be one of the coldest.

For summer lovers who prefer skimpy jeans and miniskirts, winter is a nightmare. Women especially like to brave the night out with skimpy tops, while men are laden with woollen jackets and heavy clothing.

Of course, in the end, one of the ‘lucky’ guys will have to relinquish his jacket for the poor lady, and bravely claim that he is not feeling the cold. Men!

“This weather is not cold man. When I was in the UK this was a daily thing,” one guy was heard saying. The big question is, if you were not feeling cold, why did you take that heavy jacket when you left home?

The extreme measures that we go to just to gain the attention of the opposite sex is amazing. The guys risk pneumonia and other ailments associated with a cold, while the women go out into the night dressed in strings, despite the blazing cold.

Thato Mosimaneotsile, a civil servant, said, “It’s tough out there, finding a man is not easy so every now and then I have to reveal a bit of flesh so that Mr. Right will get a glimpse of the real thing.”

She also said that the real gentleman will definitely come to her rescue and offer a jacket, at which point a conversation will be struck, which might lead to bigger and warmer things.

Moses Lebaken a taxi driver aged 30 said “Ladies have to be beautiful whether it’s cold or hot because that is the only thing that attracts us to them. In winter she has to be warm and still be attractive at the same time. I know what I am talking about I see all kinds of women every day.”

Neo Monnaesi a 19 year old first year student at Limkokwing said “if you feel cold, it does not mean everyone else is cold. Dressing short does not mean you are searching or single. It all depends on the individual.” Neo further said that people should learn to mind their own business because we all define beauty differently.


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