Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Woes continue stalking Notwane

In football circles, Notwane is renowned as a team containing the who is who of Botswana football.
It is seen as a team of well connected business personnel who make a lot of money from their business dealings.

Also, several of the incumbent and former officials hold effective positions in big businesses and companies around.

However the team’s performance on the field of play, leaves a lot to be desired.

This season looks to be no different from the few previous ones where the team normally escapes the relegation guillotine in the last few matches. Notwane have once again started badly and it remains to be seen whether they will again leave it to the last minute to avoid relegation.

From the six matches they played, Notwane are languishing at the second bottom position of the Premier League.

Over the weekend, they were defeated by new comers, Black Peril, who have been at the receiving end of several teams.

Notwane, on the other hand, used to be a formidable force not only in Botswana but also across the African continent where they used to give some top teams a run for their money in Club African competitions.

In the mid nineties, Notwane won a major tournament almost every season but currently that looks like a pipe dream.

What is even more surprising against ‘Toronto Blizzards’ as they are affectionately known, they are kind of a youth brigade because they have strong youth structures in the country.

Another team that is known for that is Uniao Flamengo Santos and they are doing relatively well.

One Notwane elder lambasted the team management for the team’s woes. He said Notwane management has for the past years been running the team like they did many years ago. He said the times have changed and the team should move with them.

On the other hand, the team Chairman, Bonnie Bashe, lamented financial challenges as the main undoing for the team. He said lack of financial capital does not motivate the players.

“For the past few years we have been the breeding ground of other teams. We produce quality players that in turn join other teams in search of greener pastures and it is sad for us. We are, however, looking at a variety of things to improve the team’s financial position,” he said.

Bashe would not reveal their plans but said they are doing all they can to bring back Notwane where it belongs.


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