Thursday, April 25, 2024

Woman narrates Princess Marina ordeal

The situation at Princess Marina Hospital has been described as dreadful and posing a serious health risk to the patients by one mother as she narrated to Sunday Standard her nine day ordeal at the hospital.

The young mother, who preferred to be addressed only by her first name Thato, said she only chose to go public with her experiences because she hopes something will be done to help save other expectant mothers from going through the same torture.

She narrated how she first arrived at Marina on Monday December 3rd for an operation that was due the next day on Tuesday December 4th; she was nine months pregnant with her third child and this was to be her third ‘caesarean section’ delivery.

“I arrived at in the hospital on Monday evening and as is the norm for someone going for a surgical operation I was told not to eat anything prior to the operation which was scheduled for the next day, but on the day of the supposed operation the doctor came over and told me it would have to be delayed to Wednesday because the hospital had run out of clean linen,” Thato said.

She said she was now allowed to have a meal and was told to wait for the next day (Wednesday) “provided clean linen will be available”.

Again no operation took place on Wednesday and for the rest of the week. “I was beginning to panic because a woman giving birth for the third time through caesarean section should not have to experience labour pains; it is only through the grace of God that it did not happen,” she said.

The operation finally took place on Monday December 10, six days after the due date. Thato said there was still no clean linen when she underwent the operation. “As we speak I have been here for nine days now and I am still using the same sheets I was given when I first arrived and they are drenched in blood, sweat and all kinds of fluids you can imagine,” she said.

“And I am not the only one, “she added. “It smells like hell in here. There are twelve patients cramped in a room for six.”

She said the situation gets even worse at night when there are only two nurses tending to more than 40 patients in the ward. “My boyfriend reported the situation to the Office of the President but we never received a response,” Thato said.

Another new mother who chose to remain anonymous echoed Thato’s experiences, saying the hospital is under staffed and as a result they are very slow in dispensing medicine and meals.

“Because it is crowded in here it is easy to skip a patient when giving out meals so sometimes you have to scream your lungs out for you to be noticed and for someone like me who is only just recovering from an operation it becomes difficult to scream,” she said.

She also complained about lack of clean linen saying people are forced to bring their own blankets and sheets from home or alternatively use their own dresses as sheets.

One of the employees in the department of supplies acknowledged there is acute shortage of linen at the hospital and said they had placed an order with Premier Clothing, the supplier.

The hospital’s public relations office could not be reached at the time og going to press.


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