Monday, October 3, 2022

Women In News holds annual gathering in Gaborone

An International Mentorship Program for women in the media, Women in News (WIN), recently held its fourth national gathering in Botswana.

Local coach, Maria Machailo Ellis, who is also the Chief Executive Officer for the Botswana Confederation of Commerce Industry and Manpower (BOCCIM), shared her vast knowledge as an expert in the accounting field while presenting a topic called ‘Managing Finances.’

Women In News comprises of women from various departments in different local media houses across the country. They were treated to a crash course on finance management, on both a broad corporate scale to a much smaller personal scale.

Machailo Ellis started by explaining that through the presentation she intended to, “demystify Financial Reporting, help (you) to understand and read Financial Reports, help you prepare own financial forecasts and reports as well as teach you how to be comfortable with some terminology used in financial reports”.

The ladies were advised on making investments, saving and were advised to compile personal balance sheets to measure their standing at any given point in time. It was a beneficial presentation since its major objective was to “Improve the attendants’ relationship with money”.

On making investments, Machailo Ellis quoted sociologist Timothy Dowd, who said, “You cannot hope to be lucky, you have to prepare to be lucky.” Machailo Ellis further stated that the WINNERS should not make saving an event but rather a habit.

The keynote speaker at the event, Executive Director of the Botswana Diamond Manufacturers Association, Ms Pauline Paledi-Mokou, encouraged the WINNERS to always be on top of their finances.

“If your basic finances are not in order, it will have a negative impact on other areas you focus on, be it personal or professional. Regardless of where you look, it is all about relationships ÔÇô your relationship with your money, bank, employer, colleagues, family and friends.”

Paledi-Mokou further explained the importance of networking in the corporate world and on how it is a necessity for the WINNERS to partake in every opportunity to network and strengthen working relationships across the professional divide.

“Networking includes both internal and external, internally be visible at your current job, don’t hide in your office or cubicle. Volunteer for projects and make yourself available, be somebody that is known and can be counted on,” Paledi-Mokou said.

This self-made accomplished advisor, mentor and facilitator of learning Paledi- Mokou, has held posts all over the world in international organisations and has now brought this expertise back home to head the Botswana Diamond Manufacturers Association.

She concluded by reminding the WINNERS that “good advice never harms, however much be offered,” as per an ancient West African Proverb.

The next scheduled meeting is an International Gathering where participants from Namibia, Zambia and Botswana will convene in Lusaka Zambia to further discuss issues of Women in News.


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