Friday, June 9, 2023

Women need inner courage to succeed in business

It seems as if they lag behind in everything but at times women have to learn to be courageous and stand against odds to start their own enterprises if they so wish.

This was said by Kushata Ndibi who about two months ago started her own mini-enterprise of beauty products specialising in wigs, hair extensions, art nails, eye lashes and a variety of cosmetics.

Kushy, as Ndibi is affectingly known in sporting circles where she works as a journalist, said no matter what challenges they face, women have to work hard and succeed in business instead of always blaming people for their own failures.

She reveals that, at first, it was very difficult to balance between her demanding job of an investigative sports journalist and preparing for her business to take off. She said that is why her business started six months later than they anticipated.

To fund her business from her pocket was also a test of her times.

Ndibi had a dream to start her own enterprise immediately after arriving in Botswana from South Africa where she studied and worked. She has a Degree in Journalism from Tshwane University of Technology and worked as a senior sports journalist at The Star, one of the leading newspapers in SA.

At first, she tried other modes of businesses but they did not succeed. The Yarona FM sports presenter said at first she tried to break into supplying cold drinks and snack vending machines “but the process of trying to secure a loan with CEDA was just way too long and exhausting”.

She then landed in selling fashionable clothes and accessories from the boot of her car. Ndibi laments that although the business was showing signs of positive growth, Batswana have a habit of buying on credit and when it’s time to pay it becomes a difficult task.

“It wasn’t working for me, not to mention my airtime which I spent on calling people and demanding pay,” she said.

After a tough journey, she found solace in beauty and hair products in an era where many people care about how they look before they can get out of their houses.

Her advice to other young people and women is that they should think hard if they want to succeed in the world of business.

“Relate with superior minds through reading empowering books and refuse to be common, after all, you were created to be a trendsetter, not a follower,” she said.

Just Kushy Hair and Cosmetics in Unit 22, located at the Main Mall above Hungry Lion, opposite Standard Chartered; Unit 22.


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