Monday, April 22, 2024

Young women given a boost to advance in business

C200, a group of powerful women leaders across the globe whose main purpose is to empower young women to advance in business, has awarded three local women with scholarships to study their MBA at the University of Botswana (UB).

The three ladies were awarded their scholarships recently at an event hosted by BIFM, which involved a panel discussion organized by the UB.

Tsaone Tumediso, Ndulamo Mahube and Nomsa Majama are the first three Batswana women to be awarded the US $5000 for study at the UB by the group.  The Committee of 200, as C200 is known, is said to be the premier organization for women business leaders.
C200 members represent a wide variety of industries and currently include over 400 entrepreneurs and corporate executives from America and around the world.

According to the C200 group, the students chosen best symbolize the C200 spirit of entrepreneurship and corporate leadership.

The scholarships from the group are provided to outstanding women MBA students who exemplify extraordinary leadership potential, entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to giving back and supporting other women.

Lifelong membership to C200 is by invitation only and is drawn from the top ranks of business leadership across the world. The entrepreneurs of C200 each own and lead businesses with  average annual revenues of $60 million, with the corporate executives led companies and divisions having revenues that range from $250 million to $50 billion.

It has well over 450 women members present in over a 100 industries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Canada and Latin America and its members generate more than $200 billion in annual revenues.

According to their official website, nearly all members, about 91 percent sit on one or more corporate or not-for-profit boards.

It is the first time since the group’s inception in 1982 that it has reached out to women in Africa.

C2OO was introduced to Botswana by Tiny Kgatlwane, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BIFM, who is the second African woman to join the programme.

Therefore, it is because of her role in the organization that the three scholarships were awarded in Botswana for the first time. Kgatlwane revealed that the group capitalizes on the experiences of women at the top ranks of business to empower the next generation of women leaders.

┬á“I am very proud and honoured to be a part of this impressive group of women business leaders. By accepting me into the group it shows that they recognize something in me. I believe this will open doors for other women in Botswana,” said Kgatlwane.


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