Sunday, May 22, 2022

Women’s shelter brings ‘Pelokgale drama’

Kagisano Society Women’s Shelter is extending its role of sensitizing Batswana on issues of Gender Based Violence (GBV) through innovative ways by shooting 26 episodes of television drama titled ‘Pelokgale’ which means ‘courage/courageous’.

In fact, the drama is a telecast, dramatized, version of a book the Shelter based on true life stories as narrated by survivors of domestic violence who sought and were granted refuge at the Shelter. The book was titled ‘Stories of courage’, hence the drama title.

Women’s Shelter Outreach Coordinator, Changu Siwawa, revealed in an interview on Friday at Hotel Labama, Block 6, where auditions were conducted, that they were seeking fresh talent and were not necessarily looking for seasoned characters.
“We are looking for men and women from ages 4 to 65. We would like to also give opportunities to those who might be having talent but may not be aware of it. The auditions started on the 12th and will end on Saturday, between 10am and 4pm,” explained Siwawa.

Sponsored by the European Union (EU) the drama is produced by Dee-Zone Production, a local film production company which also produced weekly docu-dram-Ntwakgolo, aired on Botswana Television on Wednesdays. It is to be directed by Thabiso Maretlwaneng. Its shooting is to be started in March and its launch is envisaged to be on April 30 together with other projects that the Shelter has been working on.

Asked how much production for the drama would cost, Siwawa shyly smiled and said: “I beg not to tell you. Just know that we are going to serve you an excellent production. We are going to partner with radio stations so that we discuss every episode that will be aired on Botswana television-every time after it was aired. Our counselors are going to respond to questions raised by listeners. This will help in letting people all over the country know the role played by the shelter.”

Siwawa said the objectives of coming up with such a concept were to increase coverage of the subject in the country.

To increase awareness on issues of gender based violence. To bring hope to those that think that they are alone in the fate of violence; as well as to ensure that everybody in the community should see the role they should play in handling GBV.

She said among the expected results of the project are increase in uptake of services rendered by the shelter. Increase in reporting of the incidences of GBV as well as increase support for survivors of GBV in the country every where it is happening.


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