Monday, August 10, 2020

World in tenterhooks as Americans go to the polls

It will be years, possibly never before the world gets a country as powerful as the United States.
Even China, the current pretender will have to grow at double its current rate while America remains stagnant before the Asian dictatorship could catch up.
Contrary to popular belief America’s power stems not from its military might – even as that is a big component but rather from its open values.
Already I can hear critics muttering that America is much more evil than say China.
That is to be expected.  Such criticism comes with territory.
There is not a part of the world that has not been touched or influenced by America, for good or for bad.
That has inevitably brought forward enemies.
And it is to be expected.
Russians economy even under the all powerful Vladimir Putin is almost twenty times smaller than the American economy.
The Russian army, for all that country’s sense of pride is a tiny fraction in both size and expenditure compared to that of the United States.
Those who like to compare Russia with America are for the greater part nothing but cold war enthusiasts who are consumed by nostalgia about the long gone Soviet era.
Barack Obama has rightly described Russia as a “regional power” with an economy that is in tatters.
It might be a painful description, but an accurate and succinct one nonetheless.
This week America will go to the polls, a culmination of almost two years during which the whole world came to a standstill as it tried to make sense of every word that the candidates uttered.
That is how powerful America is.
Whoever stands a chance to  become an American president is subjected to intense scrutiny not just in what they say and do but also just how they walk.
This year’s election is like no other in history.
Thereis a real possibility that for the first time in history the most powerful nation in the history of the world will have a woman for a president.
There is also a  real life possibility that the Americans will be putting into the white House a none politician who is by all American establishment metrics an outsider.
The world is in its tenterhooks.
Whoever wins the world will never be the same again.
If the behaviour of President Obama’s latest attitude is anything to go by, Donald Trump presidency is a real possibility.
Obama says he is worried that Trump win would undo all that has been achieved over the last eight years.
Now that is really exciting when you see the most powerful man in the world publicly expressing worry about their legacy.
For Botswana as is indeed for the rest of Africa few tears should be  shed over the dismantling of Obama’s legacy.
The man has simply done nothing, especially when compared to his predecessor, George W. Bush.
Like the Russians who are consumed  by nostalgia over Soviet era power, Africans seem to be mesmerised by Hillary Clinton.
Without providing any evidence many Africans and indeed Batswana hold the view Trump is is a racist.
His only crime, other than being rich seems to stem from his unabashed nationalist tone where he insists that America should be for Americans.
Sentimental fairytales aside, Africa stands to benefit more from a Republican in the White House than a Democrat.
It is disingenuous to highlight Trump’s womanising exploits and turn a blind eye to Clinton’s protection of her husband for equal or worse crimes.
More disheartening is a tendency by Clinton’s supporters in Africa has underplay the seriousness of her email scandals.
Hillary Clinton might still win the election.  But thankfully Trump has done the world a favour by creating an ordinary man’s movement that can only spread across the world.


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