Sunday, May 26, 2024

Writ of elections for BMD issued

Secretary General of the Botswana Movement for Democracy Mk.Hon.Wynter Mmolotsi and I as President, have on behalf of the Botswana Movement for Democracy, and on behalf of the National Executive Committee of the Movement declared the WRIT for BMD Primary Elections in terms of the Constitution and Electoral Regulations of the Movement. This will run from today 6th to 27th September 2013 and results of processing applications will be communicated on 29th September 2013.

The Primary Elections are done in preparation for 2014 General Elections and successful candidates from the Primary Elections will stand for the General elections under the Umbrella for Democratic Change through which Batswana want to afford themselves a gainful platform for driving and achieving the change and betterments they desire. Batswana want to through the Umbrella for Democratic Change have an education that can afford their boys and girls jobs for today and the future; they want to re-build the structure of Botswana economy to churn real jobs, real development and real opportunities; they want to build a human environment potent with a desire to build and sustain a winning nation, one in which hard work, innovation, pride, honesty, justice and rewards for good performance will be at the centre of its profile.

We believe with this writ of elections the party will attract credible, quality leaders who are committed to making the change that this country desires, leaders who will bring hope to the lost souls of young people of this nation, leaders who will emancipate Batswana from absolute poverty and squalor.

Applications by aspiring candidates will be made with respective Branches/Constituencies. Council and parliamentary aspirants are advised to contact their respective Branches or the Party Headquarters for Application Forms.

All candidates shall abide by the established code of conduct for campaigns and any deviation shall be appropriately and decisively managed in terms of the Constitution and Electoral Regulation of the movement. A non-refundable application fee for Council candidates will be P1000 and P2000 for Parliamentary candidates.

The date of primary elections will be 12th October 2013. I wish to advice all candidates to have a clean campaign that will entrench the already existing peace, stability and harmony in the movement and wish them all the luck.

God bless the movement and God bless the Umbrella for Democratic Change.

Gomolemo Motswaledi
President, Botswana Movement for Democracy


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