Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Latest BMD defection opens race for control of Gaborone City Council

The erstwhile Botswana Movement for Democracy councilor, Moagi Taunyane, has rejoined the ruling Botswana Democratic Party, leaving his former party’s mayoral seat hanging in the balance.

Currently, the City Mayor, Haskins Nkayigwa, is from BMD while his Deputy, Florence Shagwa, is from Botswana Congress Party.

“Yes, I can confirm that Taunyane has re- joined BDP this afternoon,” admitted BDP Secretary for Communications and International Affairs, MacDonald Peloetletse.

Taunyane’s defection leaves the combined opposition and the ruling party with an equal number of councilors at Gaborone City Council.

BMD will be hoping to retain Sebele council ward in a by-election which is due following the death of one of the councilors.

Taunyane’s defection follows a similar decision by Marulamantsi councilor, Nunu Lekau.
Taunyane’s spokesperson, Dominic Gombalume, said Taunyane sees nothing in BMD, dismissing it as a spent bullet.

“He says he is fed up and sees nothing in the party. He dismissed the party as a spent bullet,” revealed Gombalume, deputy chairman of Gaborone region who is also BDP councilor in Ledumang.

BMD spokesperson, Rasina Rasina, said he was not aware of Taunyane’s defection.


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