Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Your Country Own it

Music has always been an integral part of politics since political parties have used the power of songs to spread their message to the electorate. Renowned for their choral music productions since its formation, the ruling Botswana Democratic Party, in preparation for the forth coming national general elections have released a single with a difference titled, ‘Your country. Own it.’

Trying to keep up with the changing times, preferences and tastes of the voters, the single has the vocal, choral, Instrumental, housemix and a bonus UK housemix track. The vocals are done by local jazz legend Socca Moruakgomo who is also the composer and producer of the track.

With the national elections around the corner, the song seeks to promote what the BDP believes they represent and what they have been offering to Batswana since its formation 50 years ago.
Moruakgomo cites peace, tranquility, citizen empowerment freedom of expression as some of the things Batswana get to enjoy because of the BDP. He also goes on about the mining industry which he holds responsible for the developments that have occurred in the country.

The song does not leave out the conventional party slogans ‘Tsholetsa/ A e jeke Domkrag’ and ‘There is still no alternative’ as they are chanted in the bridges and choruses of the song. The five tracked CD provides comprises of 5 different genres of the same song. The original track is a jazzy rendition with excellent trumpet and percussion sounds. It is followed by choral style remake which they take an acapella route eliminating all music instruments with the exception of the trumpet every once in a while to break monotony and create a dramatic effect. There is also the instrumental where the listener will get to appreciate the acoustics of all the music played in the song minus the lyrics. For the younger listeners the house mixes provide a faster beats and trendier modern sound which will enable them to show their dance moves better.

The backing vocals for the song are provided b the BDP National choir, Molepolole North, conducted by Michael Mooketsi.


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