Sunday, April 21, 2024

Your Thoughts + Your Choices = your self

For the many times that each and every one of us has been asked the question, “Who are you?” or still asked ourselves the same question, ”Who am I?”, we always give more or less the same answer.

We give our names and either of our parents’ names, home villages, totems (for those who still remember them) or anything that we take pride in being associated with.

That is just it ÔÇô our personal and historical details.

But a few days ago, I asked myself the same question and this time it seemed like a totally new question to me. It pierced through my heart and soul and I got into a long brainstorming session of which, after finding what I felt was the most intelligent answer I have ever given, I got into a soul searching session, which brought a ray of light into my life. I discovered so many things about life.

For the few beautiful years that I have been on this wonderful planet, I discovered the joy of life.
There are things which we take for granted. What really makes you the unique person that you are? What makes you do things that you do? Your thoughts and choices!

They construct your world of tomorrow.

Your family and friends aside that is what we can identify you by. You are the mirror of your thoughts and choices. You reflect what you think and choose. People perceive you the way they do because of what you think and choose to do. Since as people we cannot get into each other’s minds and hearts, the master minder (God) of all has made it possible that we see the angel or the devil in each and every one of us through our actions.

Your thoughts and choices do not only affect the people around you, they can lead to reactions which would be of great significance in your life. Your thoughts can lead from a cheerful smile to heartache instantly. They can make people love or hate you. They can make you love or loathe others.

Sometimes the emotional state that one experiences is in actual fact rooted in their thoughts. They create either the happiest or most regrettable moments of one’s life.

Simply, there is power in your thoughts. It is a new year and the best time to start with new positive thoughts and choices. Joy and happiness are not just random. They are a matter of personal choice. Being happy is an option and so is being sad. Include happiness in your list of this year’s resolutions. “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries the bones.”(Proverbs 17:22).

My friends on Facebook will remember what I wrote on my wall: “Life is a game without set rules. The rules are set by you the player.” The question now is where are they leading you to?
It is all about thoughts and choices after all.
Your choices!


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