Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Youth invited to participate in video competition

Youth are invited to participate in a dynamic video competition on issues surrounding migration and diversity under the auspices of Plural +, and they are expected to submit their videos effective from 1st June, 2009 until 30 September, 2009.

Erin Foster, Information Officer with the International Organization for Migration Office in Harare, Zimbabwe, pointed out that recognizing youth as agents of social change in a world often characterized by intolerance and ethnic and religious divisions, the Plural+ video competition is aimed at involving them in addressing questions on migrant integration, inclusiveness, identity, and diversity.

Aspiring competitors will be expected to submit short videos on their thoughts, experiences, opinions, questions and suggestions on the issues , and on ensuring co-existence in diverse cultural and religious contexts, as well as projecting human rights and the promotion of social cohesiveness.

“The practical contributions of young people – whether they are migrants, 2nd generation immigrants or indeed non-migrants-in not just identifying the constraints, but also in promoting a climate of respect and appreciation for one another can help show the way forward in creating a more enlightened world,” said Luca Dall’ Oglio, International Organization for Migrants’ Permanent Observer to the United Nations.

It has been stated that the competition is co-organized by the Alliance of Civilizations (AoC) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in collaboration with a number of other renowned international organizations, which include the Anna Lindh Foundation, Baka Forum and the Royal Film Commission of India, as well as the Media That Matters Film Festival.

“Winners will be announced by a prestigious jury in New York on 18 December, 2009, which is also a UN declared International Migration day,” said Foster.

She further made mention of the fact that winning videos will receive awards as well as broad recognition and exposure through multi-platform distribution, including broadcast, satellite, internet, and film festivals as well as in the form of DVD.

The project Plural+ was launched on the 6th April, 2009 during the AoC’s 2nd Forum in Instanbul, Turkey.


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