Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Zebras engage services of a pastor

This comes in the wake of the Ethiopia Football Association’s admission of guilt for fielding an ineligible player against Botswana.

“We are going to engage a pastor and a motivational speaker for the boys so that they can remain focused, no matter the outcomes,” said Tshosane who added that he trusts that his players are professionals and will not be carried away by unnecessary excitement on their possibility to qualify. He said that the focus should be on what is on table for now, which is playing next fixtures like the upcoming COSAFA games in Zambia, African Nations Championship (CHAN) qualifiers against Zambia in Botswana on 27 July and the last Brazil 2014 World Cup qualifiers against South Africa within the next three months.

On his part, the President of the Botswana Football Association, Tebogo Sebego, said while FIFA is busy with boardroom decisions, the national team players’ task should be to prepare for the next fixtures.

Sebego said the next game with South Africa is important for the pride of Botswana and good position in the FIFA rankings. He said that the Zebras ought to work hard in their next game against Bafana Bafana no matter what happens in the decision that will be taken by FIFA against Ethiopia. He did not cast aside possibilities of Zebras standing a good mathematical chance in qualifying for the World Cup.

“We are still waiting for a formal communication from FIFA about the issue between us and Ethiopia,” he said. “While FIFA is busy with the boardroom game ours is to make sure we stay focused and play the game on the field of play.”

There are also rumours that South African Football Association (SAFA) has decided to take the next and last fixture against Botswana to a ‘challenging venue with unfamiliar conditions to Botswana.’

Cape Town, a city near the sea with a climate completely different to Botswana, was rumoured to be the venue. Sebego also revealed that in a casual conversation, his SAFA counterparts said they will obviously make sure that South Africa plays at a venue that will give them a home advantage in the next game. He, however, added that he does not know the exact venue, as it has not yet been communicated to them. It is going to be a different ball game for Botswana if it happens that the game is taken to Cape Town as from September through to end of January Cape Town is notorious for its south-easterly winds. Rainfalls are also likely to occur as regular showers occur from mid-May through to end of September. Wet and windy conditions could be harsh conditions to play in for Botswana.

However, to some visitors, September could be seen as a perfect month as it is in spring season which is a bit calm. Sebego confidently said that the current crop of players could play at any venue as they are experienced and have played in different parts of Africa, like in North Africa during the years.

“Our players are now fully fledged international professionals. The likes of Tsotso Ngele and Joel Mogorosi have played at every part of South Africa.”

Coach Tshosane said that his team is ready for any condition that comes and can play at every venue, as long as it is home to South Africa.


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